The “How I met your mother” end, was the best it could have been (Explanation)

By now you should have seen at least twice the end of this series (How I met your mother), so we can openly talk about the reasons why the end of this series was the best it could have had. But, if for some strange reason you have not seen it, I recommend that you do not continue reading if you do not want SPOILER.


The night of March 31, 2014, the finale series of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), a series created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, was broadcast in the United States, and during which we were witnesses for 9 years of the life of a group Of friends who usually met at a bar called MacLaren’s Pub.

Deleting a name from your series list is not easy, especially after nine years. Stories mature over time and get involved in our lives to a greater or lesser extent. They not only teach us about audiovisual narrative; Sometimes there are implicit little “life lessons” or even great ethical dilemmas. Not only is it about telling a story, it is about getting that, after the final closing, that story has changed something inside us, even if only a little. With the end of ‘How I met your mother’ I learned that fate can be capricious and what counts is how you overcome your plans.

Everywhere I read many comments and criticisms about the “How I met your mother” end, which in my opinion is one of the best series I’ve seen and enjoyed. Is a series of short episodes of drama and comedy that makes you spend very nice moments and teaches you many things about life that can not be learned in any textbook. I am surprised to see that most of these criticisms are negative because, from my perspective, the series had the end it should have, and I do not say it because I am #ProTedYRobin, no, I do not like that couple at all, but I will explain you why the series ended in the best way that it could have done.

The end was recorded from the first season

I have heard many comments in which they say that it was a last minute end but the truth is that it is not so, the end was always clear for the producers, since they knew that the series would last years and, for that reason, they recorded the end from the beginning so that Ted sons kept the same age in all the scenes. For producers the end was always that one where the mother of the children would have been dead for years and all that Ted would tell would be to explain to his children that he wanted to try it with Robin, we can even remember that the first chapter of the series is how he met Robin.


Robin is not Ted’s true love, nor Ted the one of Robin

Other comments I’ve seen and that really surprise me because it seems that we have seen different series, is the comment that they did not like that the end hinted that Robin was always Ted’s love, however, are far removed from the reality, because that never insinuates itself in the series. Ted’s relationship with Robin was the typical situation in which the boy gives everything for her, not because he really loves her but because he has idealized her, and the girl does not love him but loves to know that he is always there for her, the person who believe that that it is love, I have to tell you that you need help urgently.

What the end of the series sets you is that Ted’s true love is Tracy (the mother of the children), who were always destined to be together but that took many things and time to match at the right time, but that in the end was worth it and as Ted tells his children, he loved his wife in every moment of his life.

So why do Ted and Robin end up together? Because Ted’s wife has been dead for six years and Robin is alone because her relationship with Barney did not work, he alone, she alone, Why not to try it and follow together what remains for them to live.


Love does not always have perfect endings

Yes, I know that we all love the couple of Robin and Barney, I know that little bit we were seeing how these two characters grew together and how little we all wanted them to end up happy forever. Barney was the true love of Robin and vice versa, however we always knew that they were not a couple like Marshall and Lily, which I’m not saying that they are a ‘perfect’ couple but they always knew how to solve their ups and downs presented along their relationship, they had difficulties in some moments with the monotony as any other pair has them and knew how to get ahead together. But let’s think about the personalities of Robin and Baney, of course they are the couple we all love but in their thinking there was no room for monotony or remotely close and although both matured a lot, sometimes happens what happened to them, they two loved each other, that’s no doubt, but they did not have the capacity and patience to feed their marriage day by day and that ends with any couple, even if they are perfect.


The best end is the one that had Barney

After divorcing Robin, Barney returns to the conquests of one night, many says that it is a setback that suffers the character after having grown so much during the last seasons, but what did you expect?, Separated of the love of his life, Barney explains to his friends that he believed he could change for Robin and that he did it while they were together but that it did not work and he being aware that she was the love of his life, he told his friends that, if it did not work with Robin, it would not work with anyone. At first it seems that Barney will remain the same, but the end that has Barney when he met his daughter causes that we all come out to us some tears. Barney finds a new love by which to get ahead and improve his way of life, but this time, it is known that the love to his daughter will cause him to always get ahead of any pothole in which he has fallen.


Lily and Marshall teach us the importance of support in a relationship and never give up on the struggle of our dreams

Lily and Marshall’s relationship teaches us a lot about life as a couple, during the nine seasons we could see how the characters and their relationship grew, they compromised, they ended because Lily had doubts, they returned, they married, they argued, they had children, they saw their dreams frustrated again and again, had children, with the mutual support they resumed their dreams. In short, Lily and Marshall taught us how a relationship works as a couple and how we can achieve our dreams no matter how lost they seem, because sometimes things are not as simple as they seem.

Everyone can have different opinions about the series end, however I could tell you that I liked it because the message that is transmitted, yes, maybe I think that in 20 minutes they gave us too much information, maybe that’s why it was difficult to digest but it was worth it. How I met your mother would always leave a good taste in me. What do you think?


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