What would you do?…Social Experiments

Social experiments that will make you cry, angry and laugh … How would you react?

We present you some experiments that show the incredible reactions of the participants, some people react in a very beautiful way, but others are unpleasant and show the cruel side of human beings, you will see contempt, discrimination, rejection and surprise in each; now, imagine if you were in their place, what would you do?

How would you react if you witnessed a case of racism?

Discrimination occurs all the time in all social spheres, but few identify it; it’s in the jokes, in the language, in the way you look at others and yourself, it’s in the way you react, in what you do and in what you do not do.

This experiment showed very clearly what is the position of each person in the face of discrimination, some laugh, others are sharp and protective, while some are sympathetic or simply indifferent. What is your case? Has it happened to you? Sure, but sometimes we are so accustomed that we do not notice it, take a look, the answers are clear.

Do you know what the biggest fear of men who flirt online is?

The answer is cruel and at the same time obvious, they are afraid that the girl with whom they flirt is not as pretty as it seems, they fear that it is fat and that it does not meet their expectations, whereas for women the greatest fear is to meet a psychopath or murderer, great contrast.

This experiment planned an appointment so that two people who had flirted with Tinder met; the filmmakers played with expectations and reality, and what happens is impressive. The reaction of some could cause annoyance, but others are wonderful, you will have fun knowing what is going on and, above all, what you should never do if you have met someone online.

If today you had the opportunity to fulfill a wish, what would it be?

No one said that living and being who you really are was easy, fighting for what you want is currently a task of superheroes, but it is also true that every step, every person, every success and every mistake are part of who we are and what you will be in the next years. “The chalkboard of regrets” was an experiment in New York, in which one could read: “Write your greatest regret”; People began to write about the things of which he repented. The words Never and No were two constants; wrote people who regretted not having gone to college, because he had never traveled, they repented of not to have found love or had never tried to overcome their fears; They could read unapplied opportunities and words never said that resulted in dreams that were never realized. What would your words be? You’re on time, take it easy but do not let it happen too much … chase what you want.

Are you conscious when driving?

Often we act on a daily basis without realizing that sometimes we are reckless and careless in situations that require our full attention when driving. If you listen to the stories of the family of people who have suffered car accidents, how would you react? Would you still drive the same?

Is it really important where you come from?

The love of your country is important to help society grow, but how important is it to you the provenance of people? Even today there continue to be many people who feel better than others just because they are of a certain nationality, but believe it or not we are all a mix of everything. For you, how important is this?


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