Syndrome of the twenty-something

One day you look at the mirror and although you have not noticed nothing, you know that you are not the same person that you were a couple of years ago

When you’re twenties years, the circumstances of life that have surrounded you until now take another point of view. It is known as the “crisis of the first quarter of life”.

One day you look at the mirror and although you have not noticed nothing, you know that you are not the same person that you were a couple of years ago. That insecurity of adolescence has disappeared, you have your personality, your opinions, your style and your forged tastes. You laugh with more desire and you realize that eighty percent of the problems are not so serious. The circle of friends has been reduced in number but increased in quality, we learn to value the “plans of day”, and the worm to know the world is in full bloom, so it is always a good idea to escape to some new corner.

You start to realize that your circle of friends is smaller than a few years ago.
You realize that it is increasingly difficult to see your friends and coordinate schedules for different issues: work, studies, etc …
And every time you enjoy more of that beer that serves as an excuse to talk for a while.
The crowds are no longer “so funny” … they even bother you at times.
And you miss the comfort of the school, of the groups, of socializing with constant people.



But you start to realize that while some are true friends others were not so special after all. You understood that friendship after all is not based on time, but on the quality of the people you have at your side.
You begin to realize that some people are selfish and that, perhaps, those friends you believed to be close or who have preserved them for a long time are not exactly the best people you have met and that there are more people around you.
You laugh with more desire, but you cry with less tears, and with more pain.
You understood that time does not heal wounds, but it prolongs agonies.
You learned that fights are different from the discussions and that discussions arise for enhance relationships.

You understood that times do not exist and that decisions have to be made at some time in life.
You learned that someone else you can be right, and that with the feelings of others is not played.
You learned that couples come and go, and that there are people who are and will always be there.
You learned to listen and to appreciate the small details of the rest, that make the difference between the crowds.
You learned that the warmth of words, attentive ears, sincere words and unconditional loyalty, is given by no one but a true friend.
You learned that trust is something that is sown, watered, cultivated and harvested, that you have to earn it and know how to maintain it.
The trust is for a special person, that is not for everyone, and that unfortunately is not given away and when it is lost it is impossible to recover it.
Someone break your heart and you wonder how that person that meant so much could do you so much evil.

Or maybe, you go to bed at night and wonder why you can not meet a person interesting enough to want to know her better.

Flirts of one-night stands start to look cheap, and getting drunk and acting like an idiot starts to look really stupid.
Going out three times a weekend is exhausting and means a lot of money for your little wallet.
You try every day to begin to understand yourself, about what you want and what you do not.
Your opinions become stronger.
You see what others are doing and you find yourself judging a bit more than usual because you suddenly have certain bonds in your life and you add things to your list of what is acceptable and what is not.
Sometimes you feel great and invincible, and sometimes … afraid, alone and confused.
Suddenly you try to hold on to the past, but you realize that the past is moving farther and that there is no other option than to continue advancing and to know how to keep the present well because it will be your only company in the future.

We want to grow, yes but no. Sometimes you act like you are 18 years old and other times you think you’re more like your mother every day. We are more open to other points of view, new people and different loves. The less-thought-out day you find that special person and you wonder how you could live without her all this time.

You may not realize is that all of us who are reading this identify with you.
All of us have “twenty-something” and would like to go back to 15 -16 sometimes, but we know that there are people who have come our way during these last few years who are unique.
It seems to be an unstable place, a road in transit, a mess in the head … but EVERYONE says it’s the best time of our lives and we do not have to waste it because of our fears …
They say that these times are the foundation of our future, that university friendships are the real ones and that we are entering the reality of our lives.
It seems like yesterday we were 16 years old … So we’ll be 30 years old tomorrow !? This fast!!!???
Let’s make our time worth it … let’s not happen!
“Life is not measured by the times you breathe, but by those moments that leave you breathless” …

The best stage of life is the one we have right now. Each has its positive aspects and should be valued differently. You just have to know how to enjoy everything in time and think that while it lasts, whatever the crisis is, we will be living the best years of our lives.


Sybdrome of the twentty-something

Inspired by: Syndrome of the twenty-something – David Mogollón Voices

Spanish version

They call us immature, but what does it mean to be a generation that prefers to have experiences instead of salaries?

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