Why has the Harry Potter saga gone into the list of books that every college student should read?

Harry Potter has shattered the concepts of themes appropriate to be addressed in children’s literature. Themes that were thought to be inappropriate for children since the Romantic time.

On this occasion we will avoid talking about the films that have brought to the big screen the story of which so many speak and that in my opinion do not transmit the amount of subjects that are approached in the literary work. We will focus on the literary creation of J. K Rowling, which consists mainly of seven books.

The central question to analyze this is not why the success of Harry Potter, or even why a work initially dedicated to children is so successful among people of all ages and all social groups, The real question is why did Harry Potter become part of a tradition literary ?, what elements are the most important in this work? Once these questions are resolved, the present and future criticisms may be justified, while something more important will have been achieved: to give due importance, not only in the study of marketing or social phenomena, but as a literary work that is in the field of Literature.

“Harry Potter as a critique of classical children’s literature.”


Harry Potter has shattered the concepts of themes appropriate to be addressed in children’s literature. Themes that were thought to be inappropriate for children since the Romantic time.

In reality, Harry Potter handles issues that as such cannot be considered for children, some clear examples could be child abuse through contempt in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, discrimination in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , the injustices of the law in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, death in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, unethical government in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, betrayal and desire in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince And, the erroneous belief of the supremacy of races in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. These issues that are quite complex to address, are concealed through something I call ludification; that is, transforming the seriousness of an issue into something amusing, depriving it of its gravity by changing its surroundings. Thus, thanks to fiction, these themes can be approached in the broadest sense, without resorting to resources such as rehearsal or reporting.

And with all of the above, Harry Potter has become a critique of children’s literature writers who consider the child as an individual not able to handle certain subjects, showing that with sufficient ability, the stories can be structured to touch those issues.

Thus, the use of the fantastic elements is only a resource of the literary to frame in them a complex social critique in which, in addition to the issues mentioned, there would be others such as the defense of labor rights (personified by the elves and the S. P. E. W. created by Hermione), the criticism of the institutions of government and the actions that emanate from it (for sample, the whole fifth book).

However, despite all the issues tackled in history, the saga has received a variety of offensive criticism and, despite the fact that everyone is at liberty to express what he thinks appropriate, it is very harmful when a critic is made without knowledge and real bases, that is, when the books have not been read.

“The magical properties of Harry Potter books seem endless”


There have also been a number of positive reviews, such as teachers who have the feeling of creating readers, parents who share hobbies with their children, 10-year-old children who devour books of 300 or 600 pages … The magical properties of Harry Potter books do not seem to have end. Certainly the phenomenon has both cultural and promotional, but educators, writers and parents agree that the pedagogical values of the saga created by the scottish writer J. K. Rowling are many.

In a nutshell J. K. Rowling has managed to engage ten-year-olds as well as adults of all ages. What is its secret?, the way in which it is able to address so many issues that are currently living within such a devastating society.

The conclusion is clear: Harry Potter is a mix between serious themes, an elaborate creation and a children’s audience that receives the full burden of social criticism in an almost natural way.

Due to the diversity of contexts and social criticisms that Harry Potter addresses, this saga has begun to appear in the list of books that every student of university should read.

Leave your comment to know your opinion.

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